Netflix Android Bootcamp powered by CodePath

We’re excited to share that Netflix is sponsoring CodePath’s next Android class for professional engineers starting March 6th.

Netflix joins Facebook, Airbnb, and Uber as the latest technology company to partner with CodePath in offering the professional developer community a path towards mastery in high demand technologies via our intense, free evening bootcamps.

At CodePath, we believe that effective technical education must be directly powered by industry leading technology companies. We’ve seen first-hand that there is no better way to strengthen your relationship with the developer community than by offering unique pathways for engineers to master new and exciting platforms.

CodePath has previously taught thousands of professional engineers at over 800 technology companies in Silicon Valley and has run Android onboarding for Facebook and Airbnb. Course participants benefit by being able to uniquely see how they rank across thousands of other top engineers worldwide.

Read more about the announcement on the Netflix blog.

If you are a practicing engineer with at least 4 years of professional experience, you can apply to the Netflix course here.